Lil’ Pop Shop’s Homemade Popsicles Now in Queen Village!

September 10th, 2013 Frank L. DeFazio Comments Off on Lil’ Pop Shop’s Homemade Popsicles Now in Queen Village!

Lil' Pop Shop's Queen Village

So many unique restaurants and desert shops opening this Fall!  If it’s unseasonably warm you can cool off at Lil’ Pop Shop, who serves the most delectable popsicles in the city. Now you can grab some on South Street at their new location, 534 S. 4th Street. They have everything imaginable from Coconut Hibiscus to Red Chile Mango.

Owner Jeanne Chang grew up eating sticky fluorescent popsicles in Southern California and was trained as a pastry chef at the Culinary Institute of America. She’s on a mission to make the best-tasting, better-for-you ice pops that she wouldn’t hesitate feeding to her children.

Lil’ Pop Shop’s unique ice pops are hand-crafted in small batches from a seasonal assortment of fresh, natural, locally-sourced ingredients. No neon or artificial ingredients or dyes are used in the ice pops. They have 2 locations, 265 S. 44th St., in West Philly, 534 S 4th St., and a mobile cart. Check below for the crazy flavors Lil’ Pop Shop offers!

  • Red Hot Mango Chile Pepper – Ripe pureed mangos with a kick from Honest Tom’s house-made spicy habanero salsa! A collaboration of the 44th St dining titans.
  • Mayan Chocolate – Creamy dark chocolate coconut milk, spiced with cayenne pepper and cinnamon and studded with crunchy cacao nibs.
  • Pineapple BasilSweet and tropical ripe pineapple accented with fresh-picked basil.
  • Rasberry Lemonade – Pureed fresh raspberries added to our tart house-squeezed lemonade. Just in time for summer!
  • Lime Mint – Sour fresh-squeezed lime juice with refreshing garden mint.
  • Caramel Custard – A sweet & rich ultra-creamy caramel pop.
  • Lemon Blueberry ButtermilkA tangy lemon zest and buttermilk base with a fresh blueberry swirl.
  •  Goat Cheese with Cherries –  A mild and sweet  cheesecake-like base with Apple Tree Farm Chevre with a fresh cherry swirl.
  •  Coconut Hibiscus – A smooth non-dairy coconut milk base with grated coconut and tropical floral undertones.
  • Green Tee with Mochi – Creamy Macha Green Tea flavored pop dotted with delightfully squishy mochi rice balls.
  • Earl Grey with Vanilla Bean and Black Pepper – Organic Earl Grey tea steeped in Maplehofe cream and milk, with vanilla bean, and fresh ground black pepper.
  • Vanilla Bean Orange Blossom – Maplehofe cream and milk made sublime with real vanilla beans and freshly zested oranges.
  • Mango Yogurt – Sweet mango and Toy Cow Creamery whole milk yogurt
  • Rasberry Yogurt – Tart red raspberries and Toy Cow Creamery whole milk yogurt
  • Creamy Mint Chocolate Chunk – Maplehofe Dairy cream and whole milk with Flaim Farms fresh mint and Callebaut 64% dark chocolate
  • Vietnamese Ice Coffee – Intense coffee kick from Green Street Roasters Organic French Roast, Organic Chicory balanced with sweetened condensed milk and Maplehofe  Dairy cream and whole milk.
  • Chocolate with Salted Caramel Brownie –  Rich creamy chocolate base: 64% Dark Chocolate, Maplehofe Dairy cream and whole milk, organic salted caramel brownie chunks     

See you there!

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